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Review By Asad Haroon

Movie Plot

I was lucky enough to see the movie a day before the premier but the only fact which was stopping me to blog about it was that i didn’t wanted to destroy the charm of general public.

Earlier this year when the trailers of the movie “waar” were released, I was of a view that the film Waar would be about Pakistani Army but actual story of the film revolves around a well rated Special Agent Maj Mujtaba (Shaan). Maj Mujtaba who had lost his family in a blast which was planned by the main villain Shamoon Abbasi.  Javeria (Aisha Khan) and Ehtisham(Hamza Ali Abbasi) were shown as siblings while Javeria Working for FIA and Ehtisham as a senior police officer. As Maj Mujtaba was placed with Javeria and Ehtisham to counter all the threats to Pakistan they work together in filed too. On the other hand Ali Azmat (Ijaz Khan) was an honest politician and Meesh Shafi (Zoya) as agent of  rival country.


Bilal Lashari did a great job by directing the film in such a way which actually portraits the reality of whats going on in our country. After “Khuda ke Liye”  I consider the movie “waar” as an eye opening fact for all of us. In the film, Radical forces were shown with a mindset of that, suicide Bombing is a big opportunity to earn revenue and Pakistan’s law is too weak to be accepted.

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Movie Updates 

As per reports the most awaited Movie “Waar” has made 11.4 million rupees on the first day of opening. Click here for More Info about the movie 


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